December 9, 2023

 I have been gained by followings the HIS HOLINESS VALLALAR’s words

 I have been gained by followings the HIS HOLINESS VALLALAR’s words recorded in Perubadesam, Agaval, Prose, and Vinnappams and published (these are known by most of us).


1) “ I have been telling for the past 2 ½ years. Hereafter the

Preachers will be silent. You should not be like what you

Were in the Past. THIS THE LAST WORD”.

(Vallalar preached in Perubadesam on 22-10-1873)

2) “ I have been upset by the happening in Sathya Darma Salai.

Hence the persons in the Salai should strictly follow

Sanmarga and follow mind and speech control to start with.

( In His letter Dated 09-03-1872)

3) “ Religions, Rituals and Customs are the always and main impediments for Suddha Sanmargha ….

(Vallalar said in Sathya Cieru Vinnappam)

4) “ Now God has uplifted me un-imaginable higher level, this

Profit has been possible by getting rid off religions and

Customs and Rituals. So, if you get away from religions and rituals and customs like me, you can achieve similar Big profit.

(Vallalar preached On 22-10-2009)

5) “ Till You have not understood Sanmargha Doctrine as it is…

( Vallalar Said on 30-01-1874)

6) “ I have come to tell the truth and you have not come

Forwarded to understand the truth. The predecessors have

Buried deeply the truth of God.

(Vallalar said on 2210-1873)

7) “ to wipe out the Caste and Religions’ established proceduces…”

(Vallalar preached )